Industrial Trade Shows

Many industries are beset by competition. New improvements and developments are announced on a daily or weekly basis. Each company wants its fair share of...


Shows Open to the Public

While many trade shows used to be invitation only for other businesses, companies have found direct marketing to end users can be a lucrative venture....


The Changing Face of Trade Shows

Years ago, trade shows were a way for business people to find out what was new in their industry. They attended a trade show with...

There are many different types of trade shows, but those for hobbyists attract a wide range of people. Hobbies are a personal pursuit and people from very different walks of life may share the same hobbies. A doctor, a mechanic and a nurse may all love to collect military memorabilia. Their reasons may be quite different, but their passion is the same. Each of these people will elect to attend a military memorabilia trade show when they have the time and opportunity. Some of them will meet and get to know each other only through their hobby. They may have nothing else in common, or a great deal, and this is why trade shows of this nature persist.