Trade Fairs and Shows


The Changing Face of Trade Shows

Years ago, trade shows were a way for business people to find out what was new in their industry. They attended a trade show with their spouse in tow. It was generally held in a resort type of setting or a large city. This way the spouse would have plenty to do while the business person was attending the show. Many shows lasted an entire week. This gave business people plenty of time to see all the new and improved gadgets and concepts in their field.

Fast forward to the modern world and things have changed. Many spouses now work in their own career and would rather take a vacation instead of attending a trade show. The average business person no longer has an entire week to attend a trade show. They want all the information fast because they have a business to run. Their phones are never far from their hand. These devices buzz, vibrate and shrill in various ring tones for their attention. It is difficult for sales representatives to compete with these factors.

Trade shows are a large expense for any company. Small businesses often find them overwhelming and cannot afford to spend enough money to acquire leads this way. It breaks their advertising budgets to attend just one show per year. Fortunately, there are more effective ways to spend that advertising budget. The business person with a phone is a good example. Most people would rather stay connected. They view the online world as the real world. The concrete world is just a distraction.

A good web design agency is able to create a stir in the world of cyberspace that makes customers see a company they never knew existed. In this format, it is important to find the right SEO agency to get connected and stay where customers can find the company and sales are increased. Customers who used to attend trade shows are now distracted by being connected, so companies need to be part of that connection. Building an online presence is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise. Online marketing is becoming more popular and there is a lot of competition to help companies build and maintain an online presence.